Make Sure Your Construction Is Safe

Other than providing masonry and associated repairing services, Mad Masonry also provides critical inspection and examination services for all masonry related projects.

Our years of experience in the field put us in a unique position to judge and critically examine buildings. Our experts have trained eyes for spotting defects, construction flaws and more. If you need to make sure that your construction is safe and secure, this service is for you.

Our inspection services also serve the purpose where a third party inspection is required for an unbiased opinion. Our construction experts are in fact in high demand for this specific reason.

We can also visit a property that you are buying or selling and give you all the details of the structural integrity and construction quality of the property. If you are buying, it allows you to understand and know the true value of the property. It saves you from buying a potentially defective construction. If you are selling, it gives your buyer the confidence of knowing that your property is well built and has good construction features.

We cover all basic masonry and related constructions. Call us during normal business hours to set up the initial meeting.